About Dr. Vanessa

Wisdom.  Insight.  Enlightenment.

My name is Dr. Vanessa Moon, and I’m a professional psychic and business coach.  I help guide highly conscious and motivated entrepreneurs to build successful and profitable businesses that they love.  I use my psychic gifts to provide them with soul-level guidance and wisdom that conventional coaching can’t offer.

I’ve always been interested in the alternative, weird, and “woo.” After becoming a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, I ran my own acupuncture clinic that struggled for nearly 3 years.  It seemed no matter what I tried, I could barely make ends meet.  I hired business coaches, attended seminars and workshops, studied and implemented what was working for everyone else, but the results were the same.  And it wasn’t for lack of amazing results that my patients got, either!  Fix people up, send them out, never see them again.

Then, through a psychic reading given to me, I found the one piece that was missing between me and successful acupuncturists – my divine abundance was not in healing!

It was in wisdom and teaching!

Once I embraced this, everything changed.  I developed my own psychic abilities by learning how to access the Akashic Records.  Within the first week of coaching, I made more money than I had in my best month of acupuncture!  That is the power of living in alignment with my divine abundance.

The struggle gave me the experience necessary to guide others through the pitfalls that one might encounter in their own business.  It made it painful enough for me to take action to correct it when the opportunity presented itself.  I’m hoping you don’t have to let it get that painful before you take action!

It also taught me the importance of following your soul’s purpose.  For highly conscious entrepreneurs, it is critical to live in alignment with your soul’s purpose if you want to live in the Abundance of the Universe.

This is why I am so passionate about guiding entrepreneurs to build businesses in alignment with their soul’s purpose.  I understand the importance of knowing what your soul wants to do and then doing it.  It can save years of struggle and countless thousands of dollars.  It also brings lasting peace and joy from living your purpose.

If you’re ready to take action to align your business with your soul’s purpose, then I encourage you to fill out an application to speak with me.  Click here to get started.

To your Divine Abundance,

Dr. Vanessa Moon