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Awakening Moon is a space and resource for those in life transitions and on healing journeys.


Hi, I'm Julian

Welcome to my healing practice Awakening Moon.


Who I Am

I’m someone who’s been on my own journey of awakening, worked hard to transmute my own trauma, and turn the pain into healing. I’m learning to reclaim my power and voice back within my own spiritual life, especially over energy that’s held me back and kept me thinking small and acting out of fear. 

I grew up in the Evangelical Church, was taught gay was not okay, and became fluent in the language of people pleasing at the expense of my own pleasure. A lot of hard choices and conversations led me into a new reality–one where I feel sovereignty and freedom to be myself. I’ve spent the last decade training and learning how to offer this healing to others.

What I do

If you’re here, you’re probably searching for some ways to do better self-care, set new goals and intentions for yourself, or find the tools and resources to heal from physical or emotional trauma. 


I offer healing sessions, virtually and in-person, using reiki, tuning forks, a vibroacoustic sound table, tarot and oracle cards, mediumship/spirit guide connections, animal communication, and guided meditation to help you re-center and set new intentions towards your best life.

I also offer spiritual direction (talk and art therapy) for those deconstructing religion and other oppressive belief systems, or healing trauma, especially LGBTQ related.


My shamanic reiki sessions with Julian have been powerful. I'm continually amazed at how strong the energetic connection is even at great distances. I've felt the healing and stress relieving benefits of reiki while being halfway across the country from her. I highly recommend Julian if your energy feels stuck and depleted.

Nairim V.


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Julian Blue

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