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Awaken Table

Get your own sound table for your home or your practice

The table comes with powerful low-frequency speakers mounted on the bottom and everything you need to experience the ultimate sound healing therapy.


Sound healing

Sound tables are used in vibroacoustic therapies, which are treatment methods based on the combined effects of music and low-frequency sound vibration. Auditory and vibratory stimulations are applied to the body to achieve physical and psychological results.

Depending on the model you have, we can also transform your own massage table into an Awaken Sound Table. Try today and see for yourself the benefits of sound healing.


The Awaken Table: $2,500

Blueprint to build your own: $1,500

*Parts list provided to be purchased separately 

How can you experience the benefits of frequency?

Frequency is measured in hertz or Hz, and it represents the number of pulses an organism makes per minute. Low hertz, or low vibrations, are bass in pitch while high frequencies are soprano in pitch. Frequencies you may have heard about like 528Hz for love and DNA repair, or 396Hz for letting go of guilt, shame, and fear can be found on any platform you get your music on such as YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music. We've adapted a standard massage table to transmit the vibrations and sound of healing frequencies. Book your sound healing session today and feel the immediate results of a more balanced, calmer nervous system!

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