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Conscious music

Embrace the magic of self-care with Awakening Moon's healing playlist share!


Spotify Frequency Playlists

Pain Relief

174 Hz Pain Relief

Unlock the power of self-healing with Awakening Moon! Our revolutionary 174 Hz frequency playlist is designed to provide deep relaxation and pain relief. Experience the benefits of natural healing today

No more shame

396 Hz Liberating Guilt and Fear

Experience the power of Awakening Moon - your go-to source for holistic healing. Combining ancient practices with modern methods, we invite you to explore our 396 Hz Liberating Guilt and Fear frequency playlist and discover the transformational journey of self-discovery.

Let go

417 Hz Dissolve Negativity

Experience the power of transformation with Awakening Moon! Unwind with our 417 Hz Dissolve Negativity frequency playlist and discover a new level of relaxation and healing. Reawaken your spirit and find your inner balance.


432 Hz Enhanced Mental Clarity

Discover a new level of well-being with Awakening Moon. Our healing practice utilizes 432 Hz frequency music to help you achieve enhanced mental clarity and restore balance in your life. Experience a deeper connection to yourself today.


528 Hz Love and DNA Repair

Unlock the power of 528 Hz for Love and DNA Repair with Awakening Moon! Our frequency playlist will help you restore balance and harmony to your life. Experience the healing power of sound today.

Angelic sounds

777 Hz Angel Frequency

Elevate your vibration and connect with your higher self at Awakening Moon. Our healing practice utilizes 777 Hz Angel Frequency playlists to help you open up to your divine energy and reach a higher level of consciousness. Discover the power of healing within.

Energy centers

Chakra Zen (chants for each chakra)

Unlock the power of your chakras with Awakening Moon! Our signature Chakra Zen playlist combines ancient chants with modern grooves to bring balance and peace to your energy system. Step into the spiritual realm and awaken your inner power today.

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