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Awakening Moon's Peak Frequency is a nonprofit organization that relies on the generous support of our community. Use the link below to donate!

$4,375 raised so far!

Peak Frequency Sound Research

More about our vision...

Frequencies like 396Hz for liberating guilt, shame and fear are already proven to drastically reduce stress in the nervous system. Imagine a world where these frequencies were being played over the speaker systems in our grocery stores, or built into the bus seats, airplanes--or if we could feel the frequencies through the seat of our cars while we taxi our kids, or in our bathtubs at the end of a busy day. How can we take this tech that Nicola Tesla began reviving in the 1930’s and push it into our everyday lives to create a better, more loving quality of life for the masses?


Isn’t it going to take something massive like the rebalancing and healing the energy of large crowds and whole cities at once to flip our earth, our emotional and physical climate, back to a place of abundance and peace? How can we possibly do that? With sound! With frequency, intention, and reiki. Not only is it possible, it’s already being developed on a small scale. We can already tune a whole room of people at once. The tools have to get bigger, the audience have to get bigger, and the team of energy healers have to get bigger.

Meet our growing team

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