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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese method for relaxation and stress reduction. It’s most commonly compared to prayer as it takes the shape of asking for healing from the Source of Life Force to flow through the practitioner into the one in need of healing or re-balancing.

To learn more about Reiki read my post on What is Energy Healing?.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is another form of energy healing that works off the principle that “like cures like”. In homeopathy, we use the energies of plants, animals, minerals, to stimulate the body to heal itself. The remedies are made of minute doses of these natural substances and can be used to treat anything from a bee sting to major health crises like cancer. The practice of homeopathy has been around since the late 1700s, and for a long time was the primary method for healing. I offer acute remedies for common issues like allergies, anxiety, nausea, insomnia, colic in babies, and even behavioral upsets with pets. Homeopathy is completely safe for humans and pets of all ages.

What is a Therapeutic Art Life Coach?

I work with clients to help uncover blockages and limiting beliefs that may be holding them back from living their most fulfilling lives. As a Therapeutic Art coach, I use many forms of creativity to help my clients tap into their subconscious habits or thought patterns. The act of creating gives our brains and bodies a break from trying to figure out solutions, and it's through this process solutions tend to appear organically. I have several artistic mediums for in-person sessions such as acrylic paints, chalk, watercolors, colored pencils, clay, and collage. These sessions can also be done remotely if you have your own art supplies!

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