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528Hz the LOVE frequency

Updated: Jul 29

528 Hz Frequency

Since the early 1990s, a curious thing has been happening in the world of alternative health and healing. A new “frequency” has been gaining popularity as a potential cure-all for a wide range of conditions and ailments. This frequency is known as the “528Hz frequency”, and it is said to be part of a larger set of frequencies known as “Solfeggio frequencies”. These frequencies are said to have special healing properties, and the 528Hz frequency is said to be particularly effective for improving sleep quality and reducing stress.

Benefits of the 528Hz frequency:

Anecdotal evidence suggests that the 528Hz frequency can offer a wide range of benefits which include:

– improved sleep quality

– reduced stress and anxiety

– increased energy levels

– improved concentration and focus

– improved digestion

– reduced pain and inflammation

Does 528Hz really work?

In 2017, researchers from the Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics in the University of Tehran did research on the effects of 528Hz frequency on human cells and found that the frequency of 528 Hz increased cells viability by about 20% and the level of ROS production was reduced up to 100%, and noted that 528Hz sound wave has shown some strange effects such as increasing the ability to repair human DNA.

What do we still not know about the 528Hz frequency?

Despite its growing popularity, there is still a lot we don’t know about the 528Hz frequency. Furthermore, more scientific research is needed in this area to really establish that 528Hz and for that matter other solfeggio frequencies can achieve DNA and cell regeneration in humans. This is an area that requires further research.

{Highlights from the full article:}

All of the ancient Solfeggio frequencies have unique spiritual and psychological effects. But the 528 Hz frequency is of particular physical and biological importance. The number 528 is found in the geometry of the double helix or intertwining double spiral of our human DNA.

When we vibrate water at 528 Hertz, it begins to vibrate synchronously and creates crystal-shaped, high-energy water clusters that form the DNA's protective matrix. Fork In the Road, Biochemist Steve Chemiski points out that these water clusters vibrate at precisely 528 cycles per second. Although this may have an indirect effect on DNA, it is at the same time a remarkable example of the potential of this miracle frequency to heal our DNA. And the conclusion can be drawn that the frequency can protect and heal our DNA. (Hulce, 2009.)

Because our physical body is more than 70% water—with our blood consisting of over 90% water—the formation of water molecules into a perfect hexagon crystal helps to almost immediately create a feeling of relaxation, thereby dissolving stress and anxiety.

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John Lennon composed his popular song Imagine in the 528 Hz frequency!

Click below to listen to my 528Hz frequency playlist!

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