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Healing with Sound Therapy, Kate's Story

Updated: 7 days ago

(names and details fictionalized for confidentiality)

Kate was in town for the day, visiting Santa Fe, while attending a conference. She’d been experiencing terrible anxiety from traumatic events that occurred during childhood and wanted to try breathwork and reiki to see if she could shift her internal state. She wondered if I could squeeze her in that afternoon. I said she could come on over and we’d make sure she went home feeling more zen. I was curious to see how Kate would respond to my vibroacoustic soundtable, which uses frequency and music to calm the nervous system.

anxious woman

Kate came in with a posture of nerves, hands twitching, shoulders cowering, eyes avoiding mine, and energetically chaotic. I always spend at least twenty minutes sitting on the couches talking with clients when they come in. Having a verbal dump on someone who isn’t going to judge you is half the fun! And it lightens everyone up, we get to know each other more and hear ourselves say things out loud. It’s here where we create intentions before getting on the sound table.

She shared many specific traumas from her childhood, and my heart began to feel the best path forward in helping her heal. She’d never heard of frequency music, sound healing, or done any breathwork, meditation or reiki before. She admitted she was skeptical but willing to try anything to alleviate her PTSD. So, I offered to do what came to me intuitively and said she could stop me at any point if she was uncomfortable.

Kate climbed onto my modified massage table to begin her treatment. I talked her through the relaxation breathing, letting go, opening up each chakra, and looking inward at what needed attention, love, forgiveness, releasing, and repairing. During the 50-minute treatment, I could feel her energy changing and lightening as the frequency music piped through the table and began to ebb and flow with vibrations under her.

clear, still water and sunset

I drew on imagery of water as I led her into a deep meditative state to heal while the Water of Life, 434Hz frequency track surrounded us, enveloping us in healing vibes. Messages and images poured into my consciousness for her, and I began to speak them aloud over her and to her releasing old contracts and agreements made on her energy, life force, and body. She wept beneath her mask as what had been holding her back began to release slowly and deeply back into the earth.

I used the 528 Hz for love and DNA repair tuning fork to infuse her biofield with love and seal it up for her protection against any further attempt of her energy being misused or stolen by someone else. Speaking words of hope and peace over her, we closed the time on the table and moved back to the sofa.

Kate was visibly different. Her hands were still, her shoulders were straight, and her pelvis was tilted and aligned making her stand taller. Her eyes were clear, revived and looking deeply into mine.

“That was incredible!” She exclaimed wiping away her tears. I handed her a glass of water and asked her to share what she experienced. She described how she could follow everything I was saying, and it was as if I could see and name everything she was sensing within as well. Kate said the vibrations of the frequency in the table felt so soothing, like a hug from the Universe, that allowed her to feel open and safe. We marveled together at the mystery of it and compared insights we received during the session.

Kate went home that night to have what she reported the next day to be the best night of sleep she’s had since she could remember. She also shared she’d never experienced the sensation of being calm before, having had such trauma since she was little, and with the frequency, she was able to achieve it quite easily.

“You’ve made a believer out of me!” was her ecstatic response.

child absorbing the sunlight in the forest

If you’d like to support people like Kate, who needed a scholarship given by another client to afford her session with me, please donate to our nonprofit Peak Frequency for healing with sound therapy and reiki.

And, please try our free conscious music playlists to feel the healing benefits of frequency in your life.

Love and Peace,


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