bless this food to my body: my forgotten prayer

Updated: Jul 11

Gratitude is a hot topic these days. A buzz word if you will. The intention for thankfulness deeply resonates across the country, across physical and spiritual borders even. So, imagine my hesitation when my idea fairies began whispering I should whip up a little piece about it. Talking about gratitude feels cliché and overdone, yet upon further inspection, I found I needed a little tune up in expressing it myself.

In the winter of 2019, my nervous system hit the emergency break and decided we were not going to tolerate a wide range of foods suddenly. I wound up in the Railyard Urgent Care one morning, with a shot of cortisol to stop the throat closing reaction my body had created to communicate to me she was pretty much done with the shit storm of life. After my deconstruction from Evangelical Christianity, leaving the church, leavi