Healing Pandemic Anxiety

Updated: Jul 11

The Power of Awareness During COVID

My kids got sent home on quarantine two weeks ago for exposure to a COVID case in one of their classes. I was on my way out to the door to my weekly acupuncture appointment when the school nurse called and said my daughter Ada had been exposed to the virus and we needed to take precautions by quarantining for five days and producing a negative swab. So off to the drive thru testing site we went to have some of our brain cells removed by an overworked, heat exhausted, sweet set of nurses. Twenty-four hours revealed a positive case in the house. One out of four of us were positive, and that meant we all had to sit tight and wait to see if we would get sick. My fourteen-year-old son Finn was the positive case. He’d had some congestion that week and had taken a cold pill or two and carried on as usual, really without even slowing down much.

Several years back, I got ahold of Eckerd