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change how you think about money

Updated: 6 days ago

I grew up in a family with a hard-working dad who managed to bring his financial status up significantly from his own childhood, and who also struggled more often than not to keep the flow flowing. He had a sign above his desk we’d made together once out of poster board and Crayola markers. “Faith Works”, it said, on a shield, with a cross. He lived by this and planted that seed in my life daily. My dad is also a Capricorn, which means his work ethic is off the charts—he will not stop until things are right and secured.

graphic says faith over fear

Watching my dad find the balance between faith and works was a frontline seat to the most basic human struggle against scarcity. I learned from him to keep trying all the angles, pivoting, feeling around the peripheral for opportunities, while also getting on your knees and believing it was already there--you just needed to wait for it to descend. This is how I became a sacral manifestor of my own resources.

My strategy with money is to do what I love and be happy so it comes into my life.

Most of us operate solely in an earned income kind of mentality: I do work, I get money. But if that's not working, how we change how we think about money? I'm rewiring myself to believe the money is already there and if I simply BE, it’ll get curious about my calmness and want to rub against my legs like a stray cat.

I live in a rural, country, mountain house, where we’ve inherited several feral cats. When we rented the house, there was one overly friendly calico, which we thought would be a helpful addition to the outbuildings and rodent control. So, we fed her and petted her. Then another showed up, and another, and another and another. Lately, everywhere I go there’s a kitty trailing behind, wanting a pet, or most likely a snack. I’m already prone to cats, soft-hearted, and a listener of starving souls, so I feed them, and pet them. Some consider this amount of cats to be worthy of that emoji with the swirly eyes who might be losing her mind.

One day, I was sitting, surrounded by affectionate cats, worrying about my bills that were due, looking at the eighty dollars in my bank account, and feeling like a failure at revenue once again, when the idea struck me:

Why not think of money like cats?

I seem to have zero trouble attracting cats! What is it about my energy towards cats that’s different from my energy towards money? If you know anything about cats, you’ll know first and foremost, if you’re desperate for them, they’ll never come to you. They read your energy as hungry for them and that feels scary, so they back away. The more you want a cat to do something, the less that cat will want to do it. You have to act like you’re one hundred percent happy without them, so happy you’re having a party of happiness that they’re missing out on. Then, they’re curiosity about what you’re up to over there gets the best of them and they come your way.

This is how the law of attraction works.

You be happy and happy things come your way. You’re creating a vibration and frequency with your energy all the time, and what you focus on you manifest. If you focus on the challenges, you manifest more challenges. If you focus on what’s working and going well, you create more of that. It’s really simple actually. Incredibly hard to execute though. Which is why I’m choosing to lighten it up in my own mind by using phrases like: "here kitty, kitty, money, money."
cats in front of a tree of money

What else can we think of playfully while were manifesting?

My friend dreams of a big farmhouse for her family. She said she drove around the countryside calling here kitty, kitty to the houses she loved. What she’s saying to the universe with that silliness is, “I’m a sweet, kind soul, who loves old farmhouses, and I’m having a party over here with my life and family, and if any house wants to get curious and get in our party, come on over!” Isn’t that a great way to take life a little less seriously?

What things you’re calling into your life with your kitty, kitty sweetness?

Love and Peace,

Julian Blue

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