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How to Use Frequency to Heal Yourself

What is frequency?

All living matter vibrates at a specific frequency. Pathogens and disease can cause the frequency of your cells to go out of tune, becoming dissonant and destructive. With tools and technology like tuning forks and vibroacoustic devices, scientists and health practitioners have successfully been able to isolate harmful pathogens and dissolve them with resonant frequencies. The medical field is beginning to uncover old wisdom originating as far back as the cultures of ancient Egypt to cure the major afflictions of today like cancer, dementia, and PTSD.

How to use frequency to heal yourself

Frequency is measured in hertz or Hz, and it represents the number of pulses an organism makes per minute. Low hertz, or low vibrations, are bass in pitch while high frequencies are soprano in pitch. Frequencies you may have heard about like 528Hz for love and DNA repair, or 396Hz for letting go of guilt, shame, and fear can be found on any platform you get your music on such as YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

Listening to these tones on a speaker device with a bass radiator like the JBL Flip 4, which allows you to feel and see the bass in the song, is highly beneficial. You can magnify the healing effect if you use a waterproof speaker like the JBL in your bathtub or swimming pool. Water conducts frequency beautifully, and if you watch carefully, you’ll see the sound creates sacred geometry in the surface of the water. The Universe is full of wonderful mystery we’re only scratching the surface of, and it’s got us digging for more!

The research:

A weighted tunig fork balanced on a mossy rock with the white print words frequency research connected by a graphic of a frequency line.

In 2011 Dr Anthony Holland of Novobiotronic, a symphonic conductor by day and sound researcher by night, and a team of scientists in a cancer lab successfully dissolved their first Leukemia cells with a frequency over 1000Hz. They figured out a way to attack the pathogen and leave the healthy cells unchanged. They were able to destroy as high as 60 percent of Leukemia cells and slow the growth of new cells by as much as 65 percent. All with no side effects. Watch his TED talk for the full scoop!

Vibroacoustic therapy, or the use of a device like the JBL speaker that translates bass into a physical sensation, is now being used to treat dementia. Special mattresses with transducers have been developed for patients to lay on daily to receive the benefits regularly. Healing with frequencies is like any other modality and takes time and repetition, but unlike any pharmaceutical treatment it has zero negative side effects.

The research is in a spot right now where the benefits and validity of healing with frequency has been proven on multiple fronts but there lacks data in a wider scope of how we can translate the big wins of cancer treatment down to helping people with anxiety and depression, migraines, infertility, and even autism. How can frequency benefit our entire households if we had a way to emit it to our bodies, pets, plants, and food? How can it repair damage in the environment—in water, soil and air?

Our contribution:

It's in this giant gap I plan to insert myself and a team of researchers, practitioners, designers, developers, and financial advisors to contribute to the knowledge about frequency. I’m creating a non-profit space for like-minded folks who are curious and committed to finding better ways of treating all that ails us. We’re going to focus on bringing hands-on frequency device installations to parks and playgrounds so people can begin to experience the magic of sound healing in a playful way. We’re also going to publish a ton of data and articles as we each test our resonant devices on participants. With funding in place, we can offer treatments at discounted or free rates, providing a much-needed source of stress and pain relief to the community.

The need:

We’re in the process of registering the non-profit and will soon have the platform in place to receive tax-free donations. In the meantime, we need initial funds to launch. If this is a field you’re passionate or interested in, please consider donating here.

We’re also looking for volunteers to test the devices as we secure funding to get them into your hands. If you’d like to get started collecting data in your own home lab please contact me on how you can get your own JBL vibroacoustic speaker along with a specially composed soundtrack that’ll deliver healing beats to you, your people, plants, and pets!

Thanks so much for your support and good vibes towards this important cause!

Love and Peace,


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