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Introducing Peak Frequency: a sound and energy healing nonprofit

Updated: 7 days ago

We've started a non-profit to help raise funds and awareness for the benefits of healing anxiety and chronic pain with music and frequencies designed to target specific ailments. Alternative medicine is a field of science with proven benefits that far outnumber the results of its superiorly funded Western friend.

a vibroacoustic speaker
vibroacoustic therapy, music you FEEL!

Music and sound have been used in native and eastern ceremonies and healing treatments for centuries and is now beginning to be respected and recognized in mainstream medicine.

Our practice focuses on the use of Vibroacoustic sound therapy--music you can FEEL! We've created an adaptation that allows the frequency of healing soundtracks to transmit directly into the body's nervous system. By modifying a standard massage table with high quality speakers and bass boosters, we've designed a unique device to heal symptoms of anxiety.

Many insurance companies are admitting the benefits of reiki, acupuncture, and massage, as well as counseling and art therapy for their members, including them in their wellness offerings. It’s a very exciting and long-awaited shift, and yet many can’t afford such advanced thinking plans and are stuck with basic coverage. It’s for these people, that we dreamt the dream of a nonprofit.

There’s those of us who have the means to help and are not sure where to make the biggest impact, and there’s many who need that impact to come to them and don’t know how or where to ask. Peak Frequency will mediate between those aspects to connect the helpers with the ones in need.

All sessions booked through Awakening Moon, Sound and Energy Healing LLC, will be prompted to pay by donation to Peak Frequency. This allows all treatments to be tax-deductible for every client, and it helps those who can’t afford the full price to pay what they can, while others may choose to pay more to cover someone who’s in need. All donations will automatically receive an email receipt for tax records.

tuning fork against a blue sky

If you have a little extra to give and are looking for a place with big impact to support, please consider donating to our frequency treatments and research! Your donations help to cover our operating costs and fund scholarships for those who need help healing.

Love and Peace on your journey,

Julian Blue

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