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what is energy healing?

As children, in science class, we’re all told that everything, even our desks are made up of energy. I remember feeling my desk, the solid, cool surface balancing on it’s skinny, metal legs, and trying to imagine the molecules moving so fast to make it appear as if it would remain there until the end of time in this exact form. But we soon learned that even the things, which seem unable to be altered could in fact be melted, converted into other shapes and even into other properties—like how water is transformed into steam, and then into vapors, which then grow heavy and develop back into raindrops. Energy is a mysterious thing to wrap our heads around, even with a desk, so when we talk about healing our own personal energy, it’s no wonder we have trouble understanding it and consequently trusting it.

Even if you’re not a Star Wars fan per say, you’re probably familiar with The Force. In the Empire Strikes Back, Darth Vader tells Luke, “The force is strong with you young Skywalker, but you are not a Jedi yet.” Most of us have seen the scene where Yoda teaches Luke to harness the energy of all things to raise up an old x-wing ship sunken in the swampy mire with his mind. Star Wars appeals to children, and the young at heart, so deeply because it encourages us to imagine what we can achieve with our thoughts, will power and determination. It’s a story and world where we can attempt to make sense of what we’re sensing around us each day, even if we’re not fully aware of it’s impact on us. When I think of the work I do with energy, it makes the most sense to think of it as using the Force to help others let go of what they no longer need energetically.

Yoda and the X-wing fighter
Star Wars • Yoda and X-Wing

Even people who are skeptical of energy healing can relate to feeling a bad vibe from someone, even if that’s just in passing a stranger on the street. In some places there’s a dark feeling hanging over an entire city. I once felt such a crushing heaviness of oppression while visiting Kiev that I could barely function. I’ve also been around places and people who felt so light and positive it was as if they were pouring out happiness into the streets for everyone to lap up freely.

For centuries eastern medicine has studied the flow of energy on our planet and in our bodies and given us some parameters to understand and talk about it. Not all of us have the time to delve into the inner workings of these mysteries, but I’m hoping to bridge the gap between those deep studies and what I feel is helpful for you to understand if you’d like to embark on your own energy healing journey.

If you can submit to the idea that our bodies are made up of both flesh and bone, and also spirit and energy, then you’re ready to begin. It’s within the marriage and partnership of these two elements of our existence that the work must be done. If our physical structure is weighed down by emotional trauma and stress we can feel everything from chronic fatigue to severe pain that can stretch into the deepest muscles of the body. We know now that the brain reads emotions equally, whether currently occurring or remembered from long ago. The brain doesn’t differentiate between the past and the now. So, when we get stuck in a loop of painful memories, our bodies actually experience it as if it’s happening right now. This creates a cycle of reliving our worst moments over and over. Memories are classified as energetic property in our bodies. You can’t go to the heart surgeon and ask her to remove your saddest memory from your heart. It doesn’t exist in the physical body. It lives in the spirit body, along with all your other thoughts and dreams.

You need a different kind of healer to help extract those intangible infirmities out of you. Most of us who reach the point of becoming aware a certain feeling is taking over our life need a little help to wedge it out. The feelings dig their heels in when they hear you say you want to banish them. Having a guide, and someone who knows how to orchestrate their gentle removal, can be extremely beneficial. There are many modalities for healing energy, and a bunch of terms we’ve created over the centuries of these practices, to connect them all together in a common language. I’ll be writing here each week to break down as best I can what I know about energy work.

Until next time, may the Force be with you.

Julian Blue

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