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reiki healed me

Updated: 5 days ago

hand sending reiki

Reiki, the movement of stuck energy, like other healing modalities such as chiropractic, massage, and even yoga, can take the shape of each practitioner’s special gifts, interests, abilities and styles. At its core, reiki is a method for relaxation and stress reduction.

In my early twenties, I’d suffered undiagnosed infertility, which left me in a state of depression after five years of failed attempts to get pregnant. Then, I was suddenly diagnosed, treated, and had three full-term pregnancies in four years. Add in financial stress, marital stress, extended family stress, and by my mid-thirties I was suffering through about twenty days a month of severe migraines. My blood work and other testing came back normal—my diagnosis from some of the top neurologists in New York was: stress.

It became essential for me to figure out a better way to process life. My search for new ideas and strategies to manage stress led me to energy-healing work. Reiki was the best fit for me, as it brought me into a quiet-minded state so I could calmly and safely become aware of all the stored layers of compounded stress in my system.

Reiki healed me

The effects of reiki on my body were undeniable. I felt my quality of life improving with each experience. Each time I give reiki to myself, or someone else, I feel an overwhelming sense of peace and assurance that there’s an energetic Life Force, that connects all things, working with me and through me. In this newfound sense of peace, I could fully unwrap my layers upon layers of pent-up stress. Becoming aware of the stress helped me to let it go. I began to develop healthier habits for managing new stress so I didn’t continue to store it in my body. This led to an increased acceptance of myself, more moments of harmony and hope, a reduction of pain and anxiety, and a deeper connection with the Spirit, others, and self.

woman standing at the edge of the ocean praying

Reiki healed me, and is one of the ways I promote health and well-being not only for myself but for my friends, family, and clients. It’s a form of intentional living, meditation, and connection that I’m eternally grateful for and excited to share with others! If you want to learn more about how reiki can help you, please reach out to me or a practitioner near you!

Love and Peace,

Julian Blue

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