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When did self-loyalty become a matter of government decision?

Dr Aviva Romm in her book Hormone Intelligence discusses how women have been led to believe the pain and suffering they experience during their periods is normal. With over 30 years in the field, she expresses her deep dissatisfaction for the sad state of women’s healthcare in the United States. She reports the majority of women feel unheard, unsupported and even dismissed by their OB/GYN health providers.

We’re prescribed pills to keep us in control and keep our bodies functioning at status quo, so we can continue to make dinner, and keep things running smoothly for the men in our lives. We’re taught we’re unstable, irrational and unreliable because of our hormones. We miss work for bleeding, for having complicated bodies, for getting pregnant, for having babies—and so we have less power, less opportunity, less income than men.

Motherhood can be a joy like none other, and it can also mean the entire derailment of self.

When did self-loyalty become a matter of State? This quick article on NPR claims it began with doctors long before the politicians got involved.

How is it anyone else’s right to decide whether a woman should derail herself, her dreams, ambitions, and even higher purpose because a man didn’t wear a condom, didn’t respect a boundary, didn’t listen to a “no”, wasn’t sober enough to take responsibility for his actions, or, heaven forbid, she had a momentary lapse of judgement?

If you’re someone who chose self-loyalty by having an abortion over a pregnancy at some point in your journey, I honor and support you. When women let go of the belief that everyone else is more important than they are, the wave of patriarchal power will ebb, and we will once again shift into our full divine feminine wisdom and strength.

Sending peace and love to all the wild women fighting to overturn the patriarchal madness. I’m with you!


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