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Who Am I?

Updated: 5 days ago

anemone in the ocean

Time and space are imperceptible without matter. We can’t feel time moving around us or feel ourselves spinning on the earth, but we can watch something grow or change, decompose even, and experience time. If we were to enter space even through our imagination, we’d have no bearing on where we were in the solar system without a planet or star (matter) to document the location.

The Universe, or God, at its core, is asking the question, “Am I?” and answering, “I am.” in order to know itself. It does this with the creation of matter so the experiences it has can be measured and recorded. The Universe is an incredibly massive science experiment constantly testing its own possibilities.

Time and the evolution of consciousness can be measured with the human experience, and with any experience of matter anywhere in the Universe. We’re all small data receptacles that store information about what’s possible. Water and earth store codes like computer chips, and all nature hums with a frequency of information and connectivity. The endless variations of scenarios and roles are played out through the course of humanity, throughout what we now can perceive as time as we look back on all our collective histories. We’re documenting all these situations and outcomes to ultimately answer the question, “who am I?”.

We refer to old trees as wise, and this has become a sort of folklore to us in the

old tree

modern age. Trees have been collecting and sharing the data of the earth for millions of years through their perception of time and space—the atmosphere, the frequency or vibe of a location, the changes and seasons they encounter, the storms they endure, and the amount of light they receive. Humans house the same capacity to store information and have the consciousness to learn from the data and evolve or adapt within it.

Over the ages, we’ve come to see our propensity for war, genocide, slavery, and other acts of power, as well as our capacity for creativity, ingenuity, and the drive to uphold justice. We have both dark and light within us, and we’re learning all the ways that manifests. A lot of us are choosing to evolve from the experiences of our own history as well as the documented collective history. When enough of the consciousness remembers they not only have the ability to record experiences but also to create experiences, the feeling of being trapped in someone else’s experiment will be replaced with the awareness that it was our experiment all along.

We are the “I am” answering back the “Am I?”. We’re the “Yes, I think therefore I am. I have hands and a voice, and so I am.” All of us are little molecules of God, of the one Source who is asking, “Who am I?”

jelly fish

So, there’s nothing else really to do here in this lifetime you’ve chosen except to go find out who you are and what you’re capable of. When you create experiences for yourself, both light and dark, you’re helping the Universe know itself a little more, and because we’re all a part of that Universe, you’re helping us know ourselves more too. Live fully and deeply, feel everything, both painful and pleasurable, record it all down in your body and upload it to the Source. This is how we evolve and change in unity.

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Peace and Love,

Julian Blue

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