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Healing Resources

At Awakening Moon, we believe that sound and energy healing can help to restore balance and wellbeing in your life. We provide a wide range of healing resources to our clients, including a Spotify Playlist, a Youtube channel full of helpful videos, free meditations, and helpful books. Our mission is to help bring clarity and peace to our clients so that they can find their inner strength and joy. We invite you to explore our offerings and discover the healing power of sound and energy.


Conscious Music

Embrace the magic of self-care with Awakening Moon's healing playlist share!


Explore Julian’s collection of meditations on the Insight Timer App. Try Chakra Tapping for Confidence, Eating with Gratitude, Letting Go of Fear During Pregnancy, or the Seven Minute Reboot. Additionally, enjoy free access to a vast library of meditations, available anytime, anywhere on the Insight Timer App. Let Awakening Moon be your guide on this transformative journey of healing–dive in and embark on your sound and energy healing experience.


YouTube Channel

Welcome to Awakening Moon's YouTube Channel, where you'll find transformative content guided by psychic, reiki master, sound healer, and meditation teacher Julian Blue. Embrace the profound connections between mind, body, and soul as we uplift and inspire you with psychic insights, healing energies, and soul-nourishing meditations. Subscribe now and empower your spiritual journey with Awakening Moon!

Julian Blue Author Page

Julian Blue is the author of Kindle Books Bloom, Sapphic Love Poems and Once Upon A Dream: An LGBTQ perspective of Sleeping Beauty. She currently lives in Santa Fe, NM where she's a practicing reiki master, sound healer, and psychic channel.

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